Medicinal Plants Conservation Project

To improve the economy of marginal farmers in the Kullu Valley by developing an industry of high quality organically cultivated medicinal plants

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Agroforestry Project

As well as providing a sustainable source of income through cultivating medicinal plants, we are also in the process of setting up nurseries of multi-purpose tree species.

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CEEC Eduction Centre

Education must become more holistic, in other words it must not focus on the parts, but on the whole. With a single global economy, this is impossible - it is too vast and complicated, nobody can study the whole.

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Welcome !

Ananda is a community based NGO working in the himalayan foothills in Himachal Pradesh, north-west India.
Working together with different village groups in the Naggar area of the Kullu Valley, Ananda is developing a number of different projects aimed at restoring the environment, raising awareness of ecological issues, encouraging co-operation and helping the local community develop sustainable sources of income. Our main projects at the moment are to help villages start cultivating rare species of medicinal plants, to develop agroforestry nurseries, plant trees and provide various types of vocational training and environmental education. Through our ecotourism project we also offer voluntary work placements for anyone who wants to contribute and get involved with the project, as well as trekking tours and yoga lessons (or even yoga eco-treks!)


Next Steps...

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